James Hanna collected two vans full of empties Sunday, in his effort to raise money for the BC Children’s Hospital. (Erica Hanna photo)

Langley boy collects empties to help sick kids

A City youngster canvassed his neighbourhood in efforts to raise money for BC Children’s Hospital.

James Hanna simply wanted to donate money to sick kids.

So the seven-year-old Langley City youngster spent Sunday afternoon collecting bottles and cans from his neighbours.

The result: “He managed to raise $175” for BC Children’s Hospital, said a very astonished but proud mother, Erica Hanna.

“He’s a very giving person. He’s always wanting to help others people, give things, give money,” said Mom, who chauffered James on his fundraising effort this weekend.

Two weeks ago, the Grade 3 Blacklock Fine Arts Elementary student canvassed his neighbourhood, handing out flyers that explained his cause and his promise to be return on Sunday to pick up cans and bottles.

Much to his surprise, as well as Mom’s, he collected so many donations from his street (as well as a few friends and family) that it took two loads in the family van to transport all the empties to the recycling depot.

“This was all James,” said Mom, noting that he did a smaller scale bottle drive when he was in Kindergarten, but only raised a few dollars for the cause.

This time, he’s apparently very pleased with the outcome.

“Everyone was just so generous,” Erica said, noting it took almost four hours to collect, sort, and return all the empties.

James doesn’t know any sick kids at BC Children’s Hospital, nor has he been a patient there himself. Mom said the idea for this most recent fundraising endeavour has been building since last year’s Terry Fox Run.

Given her son’s propensity for kindness, however, she’s confident it won’t be the last such fundraiser. And, Mom said, as his younger sister Mary, five, gets older, she too might be anxious to join in.