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Heron shooting prompts talk about Langley birds

Langley Field Naturalists release another 5,000 copies of their Birds of Langley brochure.

Given a recent shooting of a Great Blue Heron in Langley, which prompted it to have to be euthanized, more locals are talking about the community’s bird population than ever before.

Those talking about the community’s birds are members of Langley Field Naturalists, a group that has just released a more brochures spotlighting more than 50 local birds.

“Due to high demand,” their Birds in Langley brochure has necessitated a second printing, publicity chair Lilianne Fuller announced today.

“This edition of the brochure does include a slight change,” Fuller added. “It was noted that the pileated woodpecker was a far more popular resident in Langley, so it was included” among the 54 birds featured in the colourful brochure.

The brochure is being made available to everyone, but in particular Langley’s youth, through local schools.

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“Teachers are encouraged to contact the club to replenish their supplies,” said Fuller, who said the brochures are also being made available at local libraries, recreation centres, and community centres.

Or, a copy can be requested by calling Fuller at 604-533-0638 or emailing langleyfieldnaturalists@shaw.ca.