WIN: Langley Advance reader will win a $2,017 shopping spree

Second year running, readers can enter at 35 participating businesses to win a shopping adventure.

One lucky Langley Advance reader will win a $2,017 shopping spree in Langley, and who wouldn’t appreciate that.

For the second year running, the Langley Advance has partnered with 35 local businesses to offer the 2017 shopping adventure.

The contest allows one lucky person to enjoy a 2,017-second (33.6 minute) spree at any of those participating merchants.

The winner must visit a minimum of 15 of those businesses, explained Advance sales manager Peggy O’Brien.

Does hitting that many businesses in that little time sound impossible. It’s not, O’Brien assured.

Explaining the process, an Advance representative accompanies the winner on the spree, and they don’t clock travel time. It actually only starts the second the winner enters the business, and is stopped when they reach the cash register, she elaborated.

Last year’s winner, as an example, only used half of the time, and comfortably managed to get all she had hoped.

“I encourage pre-shopping,” O’Brien said, meaning make the rounds and know what you want at each business prior to shopping day. It helps ensure time doesn’t run out.

The contest started Thursday, and the deadline to enter is 4 p.m. on Monday, Aug. 14. Participants must enter at the participating businesses. Only one entry is allowed per location – but no purchase is necessary.

See the list of merchants on the poster below for the full list. And on behalf of the Langley Advance team, O’Brien wishes each participant “good luck!”