Langleyites, here’s a tasty way to cool off in today’s heat

The 7-Eleven stores in Langley will be giving away free Slurpees today.

With temperatures set to go back up again today (Tuesday, July 11), 7-Eleven might have an enticing offer.

Close to 600 of the convenience stores stretching between Ontario and B.C. – including at least four in Langley – are serving up free Slurpee drinks today.

Between 11 a.m. and 7 p.m., or while supplies last, the stores will be offering free small drinks to customers.

“We’re honoured to have fans who are passionate about Slurpee, and every year 7-Eleven Day is our opportunity to thank them, give back, and celebrate together,” said Doug Rosencrans, vice-president and general manager of 7-Eleven Canada.

“It’s apparent through the stories and photos people share with us on social media, that Canadians feel a special connection with our brand, and we want to celebrate that. With Winnipeg claiming the title of Slurpee Capital of the World for the 18th consecutive year, it’s clear that this sense of spirit is unique to Canada,” he added.

This company has stores in 17 countries, including 10,700 in North America – with its head office in Texas.

Each store is expecting to give away 1,500 free Slurpee drinks today – that’s close to 900,000 free drinks Canada wide.

To find out more, including how you can have your picture posted on a future Slurpee cup, visit their website.