Langley What’s In Store: Businesses back various causes

A business column by editor Roxanne Hooper

Admittedly, I used the excuse of chemo-brain for an extra year or two after I finished all my breast cancer treatments.

Rightfully so, or not, it sounded like the perfect excuse for any stupid moves I made, whether minor or more significant.

But I must also admit that every time I said it, I felt a little guilty. I felt I was among the fortunate ones, and maybe should not have been taking such liberates since I was among was a survivor and I knew many others hadn’t made it.

Anyway, I bring it up now, because for the Canadian Cancer Society, this month is about more than just raising awareness of breast cancer – it’s about taking action to save lives.

I’m confident there are several businesses in town doing their part to raise money and awareness this month.

One such company is the Joseph Richard Group pubs – here in town that means Townhall Langley and Oak & Thorne. During the whole month of October, they’re donating 50 cents from every pint of Red Racer and Amber beers to breast cancer awareness and research.

I’m sure there are more. Please let me know if there are other companies around town doing similar types of fundraisers for the cause.

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Triple O serves up big for KidSport

On the restaurant front, Langley’s Triple O restaurants raised some serious loot for KidSport BC.

Of the $95,718 raised around the province, the Langley stores raised a combine total of $10,419 last month, when they donated a loonie from the sale of every combo to KidSport.

In celebrating its 20th anniversary, Triple O’s held its fundraiser for much of September. It culminated with KidSport Day on Sept. 29.

Thanks to the restaurant’s guests, 240 under-privileged kids the opportunity to participate in team sports for a year – and many of those will be in Langley – since the money raised locally stays in the community.

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